Sunday, February 26, 2006

When he finished he counted my toes to make sure they were all still there, then I stood up on them� Joyce and Bob please note the shirt I�m wearing� Nurse and I went to the pool. Then the anesthetic wore off and I groaned and moaned and hobbled for an hour while the pain pill kicked in. Now it�s working like a dream. I can�t swim or wear shoes for ten days. The 85 registered participants in a big workshop I�ve been invited to run tomorrow an hour out of town will have to forgive me. As will the 40 on Tuesday and the thirty I get every day at the University� but me? I�ll be hiking that wonderful mountain pain-free in a couple of weeks. Pics to follow�
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At 23:31, Blogger Ben said...

I'm sending you a redskins shirt.

At 04:04, Anonymous Thomas Chen said...

I had two of my wisdom teeth took our last Decemeber. I totally know what you were talking about. Take care, won't you?
Thomas Chen


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