Friday, June 16, 2006

Full Moon over Puri Gajayan

The dry season is here, just as I'm leaving. The nights are wondrously temperate. I like to think that this place I'm leaving, one of so many over the years, is one I'll be coming back to before too long. Top left, bottom right.


At 05:07, Blogger dysoet said...

hei.. WAZZ UP? long time no see or talk. I see now that you are enjoying Jogjakarta, hows everything? hope you like it, I went back to Jakarta 3 months ago, I did not know if you are still in Indonesia.
so.. is there any girls you like, hem not a girl, but A WOMAN.. yeahhhh.. heheheh Indonesian women are beautiful right? hihihihihi

O well talk to you later..
Best regards,
Dyah Sutandio

At 21:19, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there Mr. Randolph!! :)

well - long time no word - but by complete accident I ran into your blog - as I am starting a photo gallery of my own - as I was advised..soon it'll be in full motion..:)

the last I heard your voice was while I was on my summer trip with my ex-girlfriend, Olga - who you might remember,as she was always so very fond of you!:) anyhow - it was nice to see your face -and a little awkward obviously - but HEY - isn't life a little awkward itself? yes..

hugs to you tom!

ania cynkutis

At 15:54, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ofcourse, I gave this comment a lot more thought, and would have written something completly different - sounds a little to weird..what I have sent you..

in the meantime - if you'd like to, this is my website I had created..still needs a little working:)

At 05:50, Blogger Jumpin' Jack said...

Hi Ania -- good to know you're alive and doing well after nearly a decade. Your site looks really cool -- what are you selling? And are they your creations? Another good artist in your family? I stopped writing on this blog several months ago when I left Indonesia -- so I don't check it very often. If you send an email address next time, I can get in touch with you that way. Tom


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