Sunday, April 23, 2006

Return to the Mountain of Love

We had such rich weekend that we went back for more two weeaks later. Something ominous about all that smoke, dontcha think? Well, hiked up to the vest viewpoint again, and this time I bought one of the pics of the last time Merapi wasn't feeling too loving: here it is...

You know, it's hugely embarrassing to admit this, but I've had a spectacular view of Merapi from my balcony for the last seven months in this house, AND NEVER NOTICED! You think maybe I don't need two floors? Truth is, it's rarely visible because it's been rainy and cloudy nearly the whole time... but

The tigers and monkies and all the non-male, non-twenty-to-thirty something population of the mountain have fled their homes on Merapi, because she is apparently not feeling too happy. That lava-bed floor in the pics below will soon be covered with a fresh gift, and I may still be watching from my balcony. Here's hoping it all ends OK. More special sand and other gifts for the local industries...


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