Wednesday, November 23, 2005

A taste-test interlude: On the left, regular iced coffe in a can, priced at 500 Rp. per ounce. On the right, regular iced coffee in a bottle, priced at 2,500 Rp. per ounce. Starbucks has taken over Jakarta, and no wonder, but there is no Starbucks in Jogja, and the bottles are few and far between. I poured them both into glasses, having grown somewhat addicted to the Nescafes in Jogja with all the extra sweating I do in this hotter, less-conditioned air. Can I tell the difference, absolutely. Is the one on the right five times better than the one on the left... Not. There's not much aof a bule market in Jogja -- not sure what Starbuck's is hoping to accomplish here. I would conclude that Starbucks needs a bottling plant here in Indo.


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